Nappy and the Evil Bunny

Sometime ago, I found the stuffed bunny that we had given to my daughter many years ago on Easter. Well, she is much older now, and she doesn’t need a bunny to keep her company, so she left it behind when she moved out. One day as I was cleaning up her old room, I found the bunny and wondered why she left it behind. So I called her and asked her. She replied to me by saying: “That ugly bunny? I don’t want it.” I never thought that the bunny was ugly. So I brought it up and put it in the living room. I thought I’d let my dog play with it, but not in a rough way. The bunny can stay on the couch in the living room and my dog can sit either next to it, or just stare at it. It would be like it’s his buddy.

The days have gone by and the bunny sat on the couch, while my dog, Nappy, would either jump on the couch and sit next to it, or at other times would bark at it. At other times, Nappy would pull the bunny on the floor and get rough with it. The bunny is much bigger than Nappy, so you can imagine how it looks when Nappy puts the bunny on the floor and starts barking at it, or tries to pull it and drag it in the family room. On numerous occasions, I didn’t let my dog pull the bunny on the floor, so finally Nappy realized that the bunny was to just sit on the couch.

One morning, this past summer, I sat Nappy next to the bunny and took a few pictures. He just sat there content, sitting next to his buddy, the one that doesn’t bark or say anything, but just sits there. He reclined on the bunny’s lap and let me take the pictures.

As I look back at these pictures now, I realize what my daughter meant by saying the bunny was ugly. The bunny has this evil smile on his face and I can’t help thinking, how did I ever think it was cute. Looking at these pictures with Nappy, I can’t help thinking that the bunny wants to do some harm to the dog. No wonder, in the beginning when I sat the bunny on the couch, Nappy began barking at it. Of course, the bunny is not evil, only looks evil. With a great imagination we can all come up with a story about the evil bunny. But all is in good humor and we can’t possibly have Chucky the evil bunny.

The bunny still sits in my living room, just moved from the couch to the love seat. Nappy will jump occasionally to the love seat, sniff the bunny and he might sit next to it, until we realize that he is there and we‘ll call him to get down. Nappy feels content having a buddy – even though it’s almost twice his size – which just sits there and keeps him company, quietly.

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