I love running in the snow!!!

Nappy was no more than 6 months old when he experienced his first snowfall. When he realized that he could run and play in the snow, I couldn’t keep him inside the house.

It was one of those days that the snow hadn’t stopped falling, when Nappy went outside and started running in the snow. In the beginning, he would sniff it. Then he would stick his tongue out and taste it. When he realized that it was cool to the touch, he sniffed, pushed it with his flat nose, licked and ate the freshly fallen snow. When the snowflakes fell on him, he raised his head up towards the sky and with his eyes blinking, he just sat there and licked every little snowflake from his lips or as far as he could stretch his tongue on his face.

On such a day, I decided to let him outside, and since it was close to Christmas, I tied a red ribbon on him. He looked like a Christmas present. As soon as I opened up the door, he went outside on the deck and started to run around. I took my camera and took a few pictures of him. Not much longer afterward, he tired out, came inside and almost immediately he sprawled on the floor and fell asleep.

When summer rolls in, he forgets about the snow, and loves running on the grass. But as soon as the first snow falls, he is outside and with the first sniff, he starts licking the freshly fallen snowflakes.

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