Nappy 3 months old

When I retired and thought of getting a dog, I was apprehensive of what type to get. It was definitely going to be a small dog. More like a lap dog. Having a small dog is much easier to handle than a big one. Of course, the dog had to be hypoallergenic due to my allergies. I looked on the internet and at breeders, saw pictures of little dogs, read on their breed and characteristics, but I was still confused of what kind to get.

A couple of months later, I found myself in a pet store looking at puppies. All the puppies were cute. I couldn’t decide which one to get, until the pet storeowner brought out a tiny little white Shih Tzu. I was immediately captivated by his big black eyes and white fur. There was no other puppy in the world that I was going to look at, other than him. I picked him up and he sat on my arms looking at me with those big eyes, as if he was begging me to take him with me. I didn’t need anyone to twist my arm. I brought him home that same day.

Even though he was terrified when I brought him home, he came out of his hiding place, he sat under the chair as soon as we walked in, and as the day progressed, he started to explore.

He was the most adorable little pup that I had ever seen. He was obedient, and didn’t leave our side. As the night rolled in, I put him in his little cage, and he went in without any hesitation.

It has been two years since the day I brought him home. He is two years old now, and I think he will start to talk pretty soon (joking of course, but he does give the impression that he will). He is my companion, and I love him to pieces.

I have many more stories to tell you. So come back soon, and the stories of the little white Shih Tzu will please you, amaze you, and make you laugh.

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